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Business Owner, Certified Pediatric Sleep Consultant, Author, and Virtual Assistant

Caryn Shender is a proud mama of a heart warrior, a double-certified pediatric sleep consultant, safe sleep ambassador, owner of Sleep Tight Tonight, a self-published author of My Scar is Beautiful and Virtual Assistant.


Caryn Shender is honored and pleased to share her work and passions with other families.  In 2020, she became a first-time mom and her world changed forever. She finds her purpose in helping others, both personally as a mom, and professionally as an author and certified pediatric sleep specialist. For as long as she can remember, Caryn dreamed of helping others and making a difference has always been a driving force for her. Caryn lives with her husband, daughter, cat, and dog, all of whom give her inspiration and joy.

Her daughter inspired her to become a sleep specialist and to write My Scar is Beautiful when she was born with ALCAPA, an extremely rare congenital heart defect (CHD) that affects 1:300,000 live births.

A proud mom, founder of Sleep Tight Tonight, a double-certified pediatric sleep consultant, a certified safe sleep ambassador, and author of My Scar is Beautiful, Caryn has guided thousands of families through the exhausting world of newborn, baby, and toddler sleep. She is trusted by parents, pediatricians, and parenting coaches.

Caryn draws on her experience as an Executive Assistant and HR Manager and her eye for detail to provide exceptional customer service and support. She is passionate about her work and goes above and beyond to ensure their success.


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After her daughter was diagnosed with ALCAPA, an extremely rare congenital heart defect (CHD) affecting 1:300,000 births, she was inspired to write My Scar is Beautiful because she felt strongly that everyone, not just her daughter, should be proud of their scars. Scars are proof of bravery and survival. My Scar is Beautiful is a book written at a child's level yet perfect for anyone with a scar, no matter how originated. Filled with positive affirmations and colorful illustrations, readers will be empowered to wear their scar with pride and confidence. My Scar is Beautiful reminds readers of all the reasons to love their scar.

She hopes My Scar is Beautiful serves as a positive resource for anyone with a scar. 

The book is available on Amazon or to order signed copies, visit and follow on Instagram.

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owner of Sleep Tight Tonight

Baby Sleeping

As an entrepreneur and mother of a heart warrior, she personally understands the impact a scar can have, the anxiety that crying can cause parents and the weight and frustration of being sleep deprived. She is dedicated to helping families turn sleepless nights into easy, peaceful nights and sweet dreams.


Being a mom is hard. Being an exhausted mom is next to impossible. Caryn makes sleep easy. 

To schedule a free15-minute sleep consultation call with Caryn or to learn more about Caryn can you reach your sleep goals visit

Sleep Tight Tonight!

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Working from Home

Caryn Shender is a virtual assistant with extensive experience as an HR manager and executive assistant to CEO. As a self-starter with a keen eye for detail and exceptional organizational skills, Caryn is dedicated to providing top-notch administrative support to her clients. Her expertise in managing complex projects and coordinating schedules makes her an invaluable asset to any team. Trust Caryn to help you streamline your workload and achieve your goals.

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"Each sentence in this outstanding children's book is as beautifully crafted as the artwork that accompanies it. The author delivers a meaningful message with each page, empowering children to view their scar as a badge of honor. "My beautiful scar reminds me . . . I can survive any storm that comes my way." This book is not just for children. Teenagers and young adults could find strength in its concepts. It is not surprising to read that the author was inspired by traveling this journey with her own child."

Debby E., Mom & Author

"Caryn is an absolute lifesaver! Our daughter had no set schedule, wouldn't fall asleep for naps or bedtime unless we fed her (to drowsiness), gave her a pacifier, and walked with her for 30-60 min. until she fell asleep on us. We repeated this process 3-4x after EACH night feeding, leaving very little time for [us] to get any sleep. The results were incredible - our daughter slept through the night in her own crib on NIGHT ONE!  Purchasing one of Sleep Tight Tonight's sleep solution packages was the BEST investment we have made as parents thus far. Our only regret is waiting so long to get started!"

— Stephanie R, Mom of 6 month old


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